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Community Action Kit

Help us raise awareness about the poor conditions animals are kept in at roadside zoos by distributing information in your community. Your participation in WSPA’s campaign will greatly improve our ability to exert local pressure on community decision makers. Just submit the information below and we will send you a Community Action Kit.


Order a Community Action Kit (CAK

Check the boxes below to indicate which materials you would like WSPA to send you:

Campaign video & mini report for public presentations and tabling events (VHS format)
Action alert (information on who to send letters to)

Audit checklist (a manual for conducting your
own zoo exhibit audit)

Specific information about your local zoo

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Postal Code:

Due to limited resources, we will only send information to people residing in Ontario. Please call us at 416-369-0044, if you would like information on zoos outside of the province.


If there is a roadside zoo in your own municipality:

1. Investigate the local laws concerning exotic and captive animals. If your municipality does not have a by-law that restricts the keeping of exotic animals, tell your councilor (or other municipal representative) it is high time they enacted one. Although existing facilities will likely be protected, a by-law can prohibit more roadside zoos from establishing and prevent future animal welfare and public safety problems.

2. Contact your local politician and lodge a complaint. Local councils are particularly concerned about public safety issues such as a lack of stand-off barriers and perimeter fencing to prevent animal escapes.

3. Organize a town hall meeting with your neighbours to discuss the local zoo and your concerns.

4. Organize a local event or demonstration to raise awareness of animal cruelty and public safety risks at the zoo.







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