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About Roadside Zoos

The roadside zoo is a grossly substandard, usually amateur facility that lacks trained, experienced animal care staff, proper funding and safety practices. Animals are confined to small, barren, often filthy cages, with next to nothing to do day in and day out.

A peculiar anomaly of the late 20th century, the roadside zoo typically bears little
resemblance to the large well-funded public institution most people think of when
they hear the word "zoo."

Deficient in all respects, these cages are not typically designed with the needs of the animal in mind, but rather to enhance public-viewing and ease cleaning—though at many roadside zoos, cleaning of cages may not take place on a daily (or even a weekly) basis.

Animals in roadside zoos suffer poor welfare as a result of inadequate housing, care and diet. Deprived of opportunities to exercise their natural behaviours, most animals experience some degree of frustration and boredom. In the most severe cases, these animals become psychologically disturbed and may manifest abnormal behaviours.


Behavioural Needs Not Met

Physical Needs Not Met

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